May 07

Episode 43 – Despite My Cold


With your hosts, Mike, Grant, and Steve!  Edited by Mike even though he had a bit of a cold nearly died of horrible flu!


Jesse and and DM Delvers!  Facebook peeps!  Yay!

Geeky Week

  • Pathfinder! Woo!
  • L5R!
  • Vampire!


Chris Tregenza Talks to us about the Gaming Industry!

The importance of having a plan – whether in the dungeon or the boardroom.

Grant’s Topic

Edition Wars – Why do they come about?  Number fight!

Steve’s Topic

League of Legends
Champion Builds

Group topic!

Narrativist / Gamist / Simulationist

Looking For Group!

  • RPG Advocacy who are all about promoting gaming where/when they can – go join them! Now!
  • Lothian Gamers – we have to keep mentioning them!
  • nearbygamers.com for helping you find nearby gamers! A bit sparse at the moment for the UK…but we can fix that!
  • http://theescapist.com/findinggamers.htm


Talk to us!

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