Apr 29

Episode 42 – Life the Universe and you know the rest.


With your hosts, Liz and Mike!


Thanks to Jesse, Steven, Fubbles and EVERYONE who provided feedback!

Geeky Week

  • I finished Game of Thrones Part 1
  • Pathfinder! Woo!
  • L5R!


  • Public Playtest of D&D Next/5th/whatisitcalled now at the end of May!
  • Monte Cook leaves Wizards of the Coast.
  • Ogre Kickstarter

Chris Tregenza Talks to us about the Gaming Industry!
Are you tough enough?

Liz’s Topic

Stuck in the mud – how to convince your gaming group to try new systems!

Mike’s Topic

Are we in a golden age of Genre movies?  Special effects can be made to show almost anything – are we now going to get great superhero, sci-fi and fantasy movies?

Group topic!

Races in your games – do Dwarves HAVE TO BE DRUNK? Should you hate gnomes? (YES) what about elves? (PROBABLY) (DUNGEON BASTARD SAYS IT ALL!)

Looking For Group!

  • There is a new Facebook group called RPG Advocacy who are all about promoting gaming where/when they can – go join them! Now!
  • Lothian Gamers – we have to keep mentioning them!
  • nearbygamers.com for helping you find nearby gamers! A bit sparse at the moment for the UK…but we can fix that!
  • http://theescapist.com/findinggamers.htm



  1. burnedfx

    In regards to Spiderman 3, there definitely was a lot of R&D that went into this scene.


    1. Mike

      That’s how we know the Venom symbiont has made him evil!

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