Aug 06

Episode 4: Daleks invade!


Hello! Sadly our guest host had a few sound problems which we couldn’t scrub out of the final recording. A quick sample at the beginning should give you an idea what we mean! Hopefully next time we can fix that!


And special guest, Steve!

Geeky Week

We’ve been playing Kingdom Rush (mentioned by Tina Fey Felicia Day) it is so awesome. Plus, updates on our games, and other geeky activities this week.


Also, a shocking confession from Liz that will forever change your opinion of her!

Bit de Mike

Stealing ideas from books and movies and things.  What to steal, and from where?

Bit de Liz Steve!

DMing failures and how to recover from them and get back in the chair.  We swap tales of how much we suck at GMing.

Joint Topic – Party arguments!  Whee!

So when are arguments good for a group? When are they bad? Should they be encouraged or stifled? When/can they go too far?  And how do you get blood stains out of a dice bag?

Looking for Group


Thanks to Steven for coming along and joining in!


  1. Grant

    Hi guys,

    Another great show and plenty of things to chew on/ mull over. Regarding stealing things from books/ movies and TV it’s something I have done many times over the years. Sometimes the best way to use the material is to use it in a world where it may not be expected. I’ve used the plotlines from Die Hard and Under siege in Star Wars to very good effect on a couple of occasions. The party eventually realised what the plot was taken from but by that point they were getting really into the game and the shameless rip-off was not only forgotten but forgiven. I’ve also used the aliens from Predator and Alien in Cyberpunk which made for a couple of interesting sessions, especially once the party realised what they were up against. My most recent rip-off was the sci-fi classic Outland which I converted into a scenario for Dark Heresy, fortunately it was an obscure enough source that the players found it a bit more difficult to detect the source material.

    In game arguments can be a nightmare, especially if you have a couple of players who for whatever reason aren’t getting on too well outside the game and who decide to bring the enmity into the game. Not only does this destabilize the game it can cause the other players to feel that things aren’t right and in so doing they start to pick up on the tension and cause issues within the game. This happened to me a couple of years ago where a couple of players had a disagreement and it fed into the rest of the party. The result was that the game disintegrated into squabbles and petty feuds and as a GM I found it very difficult to try and mediate the disputes. In hindsight I should have taken both parties aside and discussed the matter with them and asked them not to bring their squabbles to the table but I didn’t and as a result when the game ended I was on the verge of giving up GMing for good. The advice given in the podcast is very useful. Nip things in the bud early before they go on to destroy a game and more importantly, friendships!

    Wonderful stuff again guys and I look forward to the next show!

  2. Brett

    Really enjoying the podcast!

    I think my worst GM decision was putting in Thunder arrows in my 3.5 DnD campaign. At the time i thought they were a good idea and they were expensive enough to be hard to achieve etc. oh what a fool i was. they turned into the most horribly abused things in my campiagn and a rued the week a decided to introduce them! I only let the players buy them in in one session becouse of the havoc they caused ¬_¬

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