Mar 18

Episode 36 – secrets and lies


With your hosts, Liz and Mike!


Firstly! The winners of the Competition for the 3 Android Dungeon Mapp are….


And the WINNER for the ipad version:

Email us at competitions@nearlyenoughdice.com!

Finally! The first person to contact us after our SURPRISE competition in the last podcast is:


Email us at Competitons@nearlyenoughdice.com and we will sort you out with a $10 DTRPG Voucher!


Geeky Week

  • L5R – CSI: Rokugan!
  • No Vampire this week, alas…
  • Battlegrounds! Liz has been running them!


  • Kickstarter – Mythic Hero – half way!
  • Baldur’s Gate ENHANCED!!
  • Frictional Games! Amnesia
  • Battlegrounds next Wednesday!
  • Super Sekrit project!  Portal 2 Co-Op Let’s Play!  Watch us be bad at puzzles!

Bit of Liz

This week Liz will be talking about Roleplaying in Computer games – how close are we to a proper Tabletop roleplaying experience in them?  

Bit of Mike

A brief review-ette of Towns, 3079 and Wyv&Keep, from Indie Royale’s Alpha collection from a while back.

And then I rave about Portal 2!

Group Bit

Villain Motivations – why do they do that voodoo that they do so well? 

Inspired vaguely by a section on the GMS Magazine podcast on that subject, but before either of us had actually listened to it…  We’re bad people.  Bad, bad people.  Which is why we understand villainous motivations so well.



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