Feb 27

Episode 33 1/3, Long Playing Record (ask your parents)


With your hosts, Mike and Liz!


We have three iPad versions as well as three Android versions to give away for free! All you need to do is follow both us on Twitter and Dexamalion (the creator of Dungeon Mapp!) then tweet one of the following tweets (depending if you want an iPad version, or android version):

“I would love an ipad copy of Dungeon Mapp – thanks @ned_podcast @Dexamalion! #MappComp”
“I would love an android copy of Dungeon Mapp – thanks @ned_podcast @Dexamalion! #MappComp”



Thanks for the feedback everybody!

Geeky Week


Mike Bit

Picking a new class is a good idea – why changing up your gaming routines is good

Liz Bit

My experiences with Google+ hangout for running games! Did it work? What is good/bad about it?

Group Bit in which we talk about nice fluffy things!

After last week’s ranting, we talk about nice fluffy things!  Everything is unicorns and rainbows!

What makes good RPG art?



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  1. Ai

    Mike makes me laugh: “We’re not that close” 😀

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