Feb 06

Episode 30: Mid life crisis!


Hosts!  Mike! Liz!

Thanks for the feedback you lovely lovely folks!

Geeky Week

  • L5R – Stuff!  Things!  Zombies!
  • Pathfinder – ZOMG the SHADES and sneaky thiefs! Followed by devourers!


Bit of Mike

Mike reminisces about Shadowrun.

Bit of Liz

Review of Ultimate Maze Deck: Crypts! Hear my results!

Group Topic

Non-standard resolution – e.g. cards, Nobilis, Marvel RPG, FUDGE dice, Wu Lin dice.



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  1. EldritchFire

    Hey, y’all, me again! Great ‘cast again, as usual! It was cool hearing y’all talk about different dice resolution techniques. I noticed that the last one talked about was Legends of the Wulin. I was going to ask Mike if he’d heard if it, what with all the talk of L5R and all.

    Mike, you mentioned that the dice probabilities were a bit wonky for you. Just wanted to point out the following thread on RPG.net:


    It talks about the dice probabilities of LotW. Especially post #4. Granted, with the way the dice work things get a bit wonky, but it’s a good starting point for wondering “How crazy is this?”

    Keep up the good work!


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