Jul 29

Episode 3!


Episode 3 Show Notes

Part 1: Intros!

Geeky things this week!

  • Liz has secret announcement!
  • How have we coped with Max’s demise?  Plus, why every adventuring group needs a chaperone, and buckets of cold water handy.
  • Plus other geeky stuff your hosts have been up to.


Part 2: News!

Part 3: Liz’s Bit!

Liz holds forth on all these HD remakes of old games – threat or menace? What other options are there? Well…

Part 4: Mike’s Bit!

In a related topic, Mike talks about playing old DOS games using DOSBox and D-Fend Reloaded.

Part 5: Group Topic!

Planning a session: rough idea and improv or plan it to hell and back?

Part 6: Looking for Group!




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  1. Naomi

    I really found the remakes of computer games and yearning for your childhood games really interesting. Firstly, the remake side of things. I find that some games which don’t really need it still get it. For instance there is Shin Megami Tensei’s Devil Survivor. This was originally released for the DS and is being released again this year for the 3DS. In this example, I’m left a bit bewildered of why? (Apart from the kerching). On the other hand Atlus re-released PS2 game Shin Megami Tensei’s Persona 3 on the PSP as Persona 3 Portable. In this instance they have done it right by adding a new campaign from a female perspective, new difficulties and streamed it down really effectively. I for one kind of want Square Enix to thrash that cash cow of FFVII one more time and just redo it all in ALL the pretty graphics of Advent Children. Forget the voice acting, I just want the pretties.

    Now for the old school games I want to play as they were there are two on my list that weren’t metioned on the cast (We are all heroes here, you and Boo and I. Hamsters and Rangers everywhere, rejoice!) Firstly, there is Septerra Core by Valkyrie Studios. I remember getting this game as my 16th birthday present. Yes I loved it for the anime-inspired visuals, but the gameplay and story set it apart. Think of a world with a core in the middle and 7 concentric layers radiating outwards. Each layer has it’s own society, for instance the heroine Maya is born on the 2nd Shell (1st shell going inwards towards the 7th) which is full of “junkers” scavengers in a desert-like environment who live off the scraps of the upper lair. The combat was, for the time, fairly inspired. It used cards as the magic system that you could assign during combat to one person or you could mix and match for different effects with other characters in the party. For instance, barrier, fire and all would create a fire shield over the entire party.

    Not as inspiring to me, I’ve been dying to play Ultima 7 again, simply because it was the first RP game I ever remember playing.

    Right, I think that if I were speaking this out loud I would be reaching for the glass of water. Great podcast as usual and thanks for cheering me up while I’m considering morning sickness and how I’m going to raise my 3rd generation geek when they no longer resemble a tadpole.

  2. Liz

    Hey! Thanks for the comment! I wholeheartedly agree on the Final Fantasy 7 re-release. I am not sure why they haven’t done that yet (considering everything else they have released as part of the franchise).

    I would, however, hate to see Baldur’s gate 2 redone and re-released. Simply because I think it would take away a lot of the charm of the game. I could imagine in amazing super graphics it could take away from the experience. I feel the same about Day of the tentacle.

    I shall have to seek out this Septerra Core you speak of and see if I can give it a whirl! Remember the next generation of Geek will need to be educated in all these wonderful games – so remakes can’t be anything but good news (in most cases!) 🙂

  3. Grant

    Hi guys, another great show, glad to see the “simple” encounter with the Lustspawn amused!

    Regarding the group section on prepping for a game I have to agree that it is a difficult thing to get the hang of. For myself I prefer the planned improv route even when running a prepublished adventure I like to have a couple of things ready just in case as I’ve learned “the hard way” that if there is a way for a party to derail an adventure then they’ll go out and find it.

    As always the problem with prep is having the time to do it, something that I fully appreciate is very difficult in these busy times to do. I like to set 15 minutes aside every day to at least think through a quick encounter and if possible look up and stat the beasties if I have time. Once you have half a dozen of these available it means that if you get caught on the hop it’s a lot easier to try and get things back on track.

    Mike’s point about dungeons is a very good one and although I’d never analysed it in that way it’s one that I subscribed to from early on in my GMing career. Early Shadowrun and Cyberpunk games would invariably involve missions into office blocks and research facilities, sci-fi games explorations of ancient alien ships deep in space. The dressings may have been different but the concept was the same and enabled me to get to grip with the system’s rules before unleashing the party on the greater world/ universe.

    Looking forward to the next podcast, keep up the great work!

  4. Craig

    Mostly for Mike here but if you’re interested in indie shows like the Guild then I can also recommend:

    Gold – All about a group of roleplayers where gaming is a competitive sport
    Journey Quest – Fantasy comedy, the latest work by Dead Gentlemen Productions, ie the guys who made The Gamers and Demon Hunters
    Night is Day – Superhero series set and filmed in Glasgow

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