Jan 09

Episode 26: Epic fails and exciting news!


Hosts!  Mike! Liz!

Geeky Week


Bit of Liz

Mini-review of Total War: Shogun 2 – many yes.

Bit of Mike

Review of Masterplan


 Group Topic

Recurring villains


  • Just wondering if you’d mind plugging our local club Inverclyde Roleplayers. We only started up last year but have a small core membership and meet every Wednesday at 7:30 at the RAF club in Greenock. We’re also on Facebook (isn’t everyone these days) @Inverclyde Roleplayers, email podcast@nearlyenoughdice.com for contact details! The members and GMs are up for trying out mostly anything.



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  1. EldritchFire

    Great podcast, y’all! …yes, I’m from Texas…

    Anywho…just wanted to add a bit to your group topic! You talked about a few ways to “replace” the recurring villan, and I wanted to add two more:

    The Puppet, & the Power Vacuum.

    The puppet is easy, the “BBEG” wasn’t really the big bad, he was a puppet of the real villan! Players HATE sneaky villans!

    The power vacuum is kind of the opposite. It’s not that there is someone more powerful you didn’t know about, it’s that you left a vacuum where the big bad used to be. Nature abhors a vacuum, so someone’s gonna fill it, right? They may not be as powerful as the slain villan, but they could be more cruel, more ruthless, more Evil, more…something…that makes the players go, “we let that ass get into power? WTF were we thinking!”

    Game on!


    P.S. My name is Christopher ^_^

  2. Mike

    I like both of those ideas… interesting ways to deal with PCs offing your poor unfortunate Dark Lord! With a dash of “You thought that one was bad…” >:)

    You have made me smile my Evil GM smile. For that I thank you.

  3. EldritchFire

    I’d love to take credit for it, but I read it in a book series. Main character kills bad guy, and had to deal with the fallout of said “victory.” It’s good readings!

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