Dec 05

Episode 21 – old enough to drink!


With your hosts Liz and Mike! Wootini!


Hey Mike,

Just a thought on the topic of games based on lies: the best Cthulu
game I’ve ever played was a mini module we played over just one
evening and it can only work as a module with pre-made characters. It
was an investigation into the appearance of someone’s son (I think) in
Port-o-prince and we were various characters who had an interest in
finding out what had happened but didn’t really know each other.
Things got weirder and weirder and we kept fainting and got massively
paranoid that someone was following us and out to get us and poisoning
us and what not –

… until it transpired at the end that we all *were* the guy we were
looking for, or to be more precise aspects of himself and figments of
his mind, which had taken a bit of a battering when he looked into
things mortals should better leave alone. There was only ever one
character running around and all our interaction was happening in his
head as he went more and more insane, until he met some unspoken
horror and died. That was pretty mind blowing, I remember sitting
there thinking “I would not have guessed that in a million years” and
I wasn’t disappointed at having “lost” my character either because I
hadn’t come up with the concept in the first place. There you go!

Thanks to Whodo_voodoo for pointing out my gaff about BSG boardgame rules! You Don’t die if your character ship gets destroyed – just to sickbay!

Geeky Week

  • L5R
    • Many exciting things happened!
  • Vampire.
    • Many exciting things happened!
  • Pathfinder
    • My character died again! We continued up the steps and finally we are at Jorgenfist! We are now attempting to get into jorgen through another method other than the front door! Now I am playing a cleric…


  • USS Intrepid news: “Confessions by Firelight” now out. Check out http://starshipintrepid.net/ for more news.
  • Rumors of a Dragon Age multiplayer?
  • From Cam Banks Google Plus – MARVEL HEROES is now MARVEL HEROIC ROLEPLAYING – available from Feb! Woohoo! Episode with Cam Banks here!

Bit of Mike

Compact and bijou review-ette of Modern Floorplans: Hotel – Hear about the floor plans and how good/bad they are! (hint: good).

Bit of Liz

Character fatigue – what do you do? Is this a common problem? What do you think?

Group Topic

How to make travel more interesting. What do you do to make the passage of time more than just “and you are there” or is it sometimes a good idea to just be there?


  • DURPS: www.dusa.dundee.ac.uk/durps
    • Mondays and Thursdays at the Union
  • Lothian gamers! www.lothiangamers.org
    • Sundays at St. Margaret’s RC School, Almondvale, Livingston.
  • GUGS: www.gugs.org.uk
    • RPG Gaming – Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the Lacuna area of the Queen Margaret Union Food Factory
    • Non-RPG Gaming – Saturdays at 11am in Committee Room 1, on the 3rd floor of the Queen Margaret Union


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  1. Damian Cugley

    With some collusion with the GM having a character who starts out fairly blank might be an asset. The collusion comes in the two of you occasionally agreeing that the old guy you meet in the village pub is actually your long-lost grand-uncle who you owe a chicken to—instead of just some old guy. He still has the rough map to the dragon’s cave, of course, but now he doubles as backstory. Sam idea as screenwriters trying to make every scene serve at least two purposes in the plot.

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