Feb 02

Episode 150! Woo!


Another Episode we had in the banks – after this episode we got back to our “Hot off the press” episodes, rather than episodes from before we fell off the face of the earth (again, explained in the next episode).

With your hosts Liz, and Mike!

Geeky Week!

  • Dresden Files. Again!
  • League of Legends – Liz has given it a go.
  • Doctor Who!  Two strong episodes in a row?  How am I supposed to generate proper amounts of Nerd Rage?
  • L5R!  Monks!  Inns!  Yakuza!  Heads!

Mike’s Topic!

Falling out of love with the Hero System.

Group Topic!

How Much Should You Care About Setting?  Your game may have a really cool world with fantastic ideas, but can all that get in the way of the game?  And how much should the players need to know before starting?


Our theme is “Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0 incompetech.com

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