Feb 02

Episode 149 – Playing Catch Up


After a stupid long Hiatus (which is explained in a future episode) here are the episodes we have had in the bank for quite some time! Honestly, they were more relevant at the time… Also Liz is a scrub and forgot the bumpers… Fail!

Episode 149 with your hosts Mike, and Liz! This week Liz gives us another interview from Gen Con only talking about Realmworks from Lone Wolf Development, Mike talks about why one of the episodes of Doctor Who *really* bothered him and finally our Group Topic: Generic of Specific? Which should you go for?

Geeky Week!

  • Mike Played Small World!
  • 5th edition catch up!!
  • Mike Watched Doctor Who And Has Issues.

Liz’s Topic!

Another Interview from Gen Con! This time? Elizabeth Winters from Lone Wolf Development talking about Realmworks!

Mike’s Topic!

Mike talks about the latest Doctor Who, and why it *bothers* him so…

Group Topic!

Generic systems or setting-specific systems?


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