Aug 31

Episode 146 – August Aftermath


Episode 146 with your hosts Mike,and Liz! This week, Mike gives a rundown of how to play Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, while Liz recaps her experience of Gen Con, and tells us how she found it at first glance.

Coming up this week as well: All the interviews from Gen Con!

Geeky Week!

  • Liz has travelled far and wide!
  • L5R!  It’s a conflict between the Bushido values of Duty and Compassion!  Can we stop the peasant revolt before it happens?  And which side will we be on?  And more!
  • Also, Mike played Dwarf Fortress Very Well.

Mike’s Topic!

By Popular Demand (i.e. someone asked) The Nuts and Bolts of Legend of the Five Rings!  I’ve gone on about the setting of L5R, but I’ve not spoken much about the actual game mechanics.  Well, now I will!

Liz’s Topic!

Liz does a recap of GenCon, how she found it, and some thoughts about it all.


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