Aug 04

Episode 145 – Best Character We’ve Never Played


Episode 145 with your hosts, Liz and Mike!  Liz tells us how to run around a field hitting people, Mike tells you that you can’t do Samurai movies in Samurai games, and we talk about things we haven’t actually done.

Geeky Week!

  • Liz is LARPing this weekend! Yay!
  • L5R One-shot!

Mike’s Topic!

Things In Samurai Movies I Don’t See In L5R, or Why Can’t I Run My Favourite Samurai Movie In Rokugan? – rambling thoughts on Rokugan versus some of the material that inspired it.

Liz’s Topic!

Ever wondered how you get into Larp? Want to start but don’t know what to bring or how to be prepared? Liz goes through it all!l

Group Topic!

“Best Character You’ve Never Played”



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  1. Christopher

    More L5R talk! Would you mind giving us a mechanical breakdown on the game? I know you’ve talked about the story of L5R in the past, but I’m curious about all the fiddly-bits!

    1. Mike

      Hm… That seems like it could make an excellent topic… Although I should check I’ve not done a piece on L5R’s Crunchy Bits already!

      1. Christopher


      2. Jesse

        I really like your topics on L5R because it sounds like an awesome game & world that I will probably never be able to actually play in. So at least I get some exposure to it.

    2. Blair Smith

      Best place to start would be here. Its got most of the core mechanics plus a ton of premade characters.http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/85888/Legacy-of-Disaster?cPath=90_5979

      1. Mike

        Excellent suggestion – love Legacy of Disaster.

  2. Jesse

    A few of us (myself not included) tried LARPing once and it was a fairly bad experience, thanks in part to the organization itself.

    They asked them to write these elaborate backstories for extra “build points”, but then never even attempted to bring up those stories at any point; it was a very railroad introductory experience. Then the first night, there was a raid on the town by blackguards who had damage reduction and at least 5 hit points, while because most of the people there only had 1 or 2. Their only option was to hide in the tavern or fight and die within moments. It was such a poorly executed experience that they ended up leaving the next morning.

    I think that many organizers have to remember that there are new people who wish to try this out, but if you keep just catering your entire event to those who have been there for years then your recruitment isn’t going to go very well.

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