Jul 29

episode 144 – Put on your Mask and Improvise!


Episode 144 with your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Mike talks about Unframed – a new book by engine publishing, Liz talks about a new board game she FINALLY got the chance to try and finally, Liz grills Mike about how on earth does she fit character backgrounds into your obviously well polished game!? As always your feedback and comments are greatly welcomed!

Geeky Week!


  • Liz has mainly been running 13th Age – now on hiatus
  • M15 is out! Woo!
  • L5R – a new town, a new PC, and new problems…
  • Liz is getting excited about Doomtown: Reloaded!


Mike’s Topic!

Mike reviews Unframed – The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters!


Liz’s Topic!

This week – Liz reviews Mascarade! A Board game about bluffing, double bluffing and confusing Liz completely.

Group Topic!

We talk about weaving players backgrounds into topics! Liz throws some questions at Mike and Mike attempts to answer them! Poor Mike.


Talk to us!

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