Jul 15

Episode 143 – Heading West to Trade!


Episode 143 with your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week we have a massive Geeky week section, which we even wrapped up some news sneakily into, and we also have our group topic where we talk about a trade caravan heading to distant lands in the search of profit and accidentally, danger!

Geeky Week!


  • Liz has mainly been running 13th Age
  • Liz also has been playing a few more Vidja Games
  • L5R – a murderer… exposed!
  • Mike has only been playing Skyrim a little.
  • Have got Bioshock in the Humble Bundle, haven’t installed it yet.
  • AdventureAWeek kickstarter!
  • The final Shadow Unit is out!  Like, the last one ever!

Group Topic!

Our idea brewing continues onwards! A trade caravan!  Plots, subplots, characters, hidden dangers, things they might meet along the way.


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