Jul 13

Episode 142 – Very Few People Should Play Chaos Neutral


Episode 142 with your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Mike has been involved in a MURDER! Mike also gives us a bit more insight into this thoughts of the game Don’t Starve and Goat Simulator and finally, we delve into the concept of playing characters that just don’t “fit” with the setting/world. Should it be done? Can it be done? What things should be thought about? Our thoughts are here!

Geeky Week!

  • Skyrim – Mike had discovered the Homestead DLC content.  Oh dear.
  • L5R Second Session: There’s Been A Murder!
  • Liz has been playing a few vidja games.


Mike’s Topic!

Mike gives us some thoughts about Don’t Starve and Goat Simulator

Group Topic!

This week, playing characters who don’t fit.  Samurai in a European-style D&D game, honourless Ronin in a Legend Of The Five Rings courtly game, even Evil characters in an otherwise Good campaign.


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  1. Whodo Voodoo

    Have to say the discussion regards Skyrim reminded me why I hated the game so much, the main plot is so uninteresting most people seem to just ignore it, most of the quests are little more than fetch / kill this with no actual impact on anything and of the supposedly major quests virtually none actually change anything in the world. For example you can become archmage of the magic school, which is supposedly a BIG THING and yet once it’s completed about the only thing that changes is you get a room at the college.

    On more positive feedback yes please to more Don’t Starve, especially if it includes more panicked “I’m going to die!” from Liz.

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