Jul 01

Episode 141 – Cringe-Worthy Gaming


Episode 141 with your hosts, Liz and Mike (sorry Ali)! This week Liz gets a chance to review the Atomic Robo RPG, and we break straight after that into our group topic, where we discuss some of our worst, and best, gaming experiences. What are your best/worst gaming experience? Join in through the comments below!

Geeky Week!

  • Once and Future Nerd Audiodrama! Patreon Woohoo!
  • First session of L5R!
  • Steam sale. Oh jeez. The Aftermath.

Liz’s Topic!

Liz takes and opportunity to talk about Atomic Robo RPG! She has FINALLY had the chance to read it… but what does she think of it?

Group Topic!

This week, a break from idea brewing and discuss some of the best and worst roleplaying games we have been in. What memories strike out at us and which ones cause us to have horrible possibly cringe-worthy flashbacks….




  1. Mike Olson

    Thanks for the kind words about Atomic Robo! Looking forward to playing it with you at GenCon.

  2. Christopher

    My worst game I ever was in was a game I ran using old WoD. It was a crossover game, with a vampire, a hunter, a mortal, and a werewolf.

    The hunter was anti-vampire, since vampires slaughtering his family was what made him aware of the supernatural in the first place. Then the werewolf changed in front of the mortal just to see if he could make his Willpower check…then it started going downhill.

    Hindsight, I should have made sure they all had reasons to work together instead of trying to get a group of lone wolves in one pack. To be fair, that was back when I was in high school…2000 or so.

    Wow, now I feel old, thanks. y’all :p

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