Jun 22

Episode 140: Thanks Ray.


This Episode is Dedicated to Ray. Thank you for everything Ray.

Episode 140 with your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Liz gets a chance to talk about UK Games Expo, and her wee chat with Paul from All Rolled Up one year on, and finally our group topic is life on Mars! We design a wee colony on Mars for you to use, as well as all the hijinks that could happen up there!

Geeky Week!

Liz’s Topic!

Liz had a chat with the folks at All Rolled Up to see how they are getting on… one year on!

Group Topic!

This week, the idea brewing series continues and we are talking about a Steampunk Mars colony! What would it be like? What adventures could be had there? We brew away!



  1. Christopher

    The Mars penal colony was pretty awesome, and it reminded me of a Doctor Who episode: The Waters of Mars or something like that.

    I always enjoy the stories where the Earthlings awaken an ancient something and have to deal with the aftermath, so awaking an ancient Martian something-or-other would be cool—but no prior evidence of life on Mars had been found prior to the ruins. And the the shit hits the fan! Tehehe ^_^

  2. the hucklebuck

    Terrible as ever, perhaps even worse due to liz’s “sincerity” with regards to having to praise someone other than herself.

    “I was ill, but still managed to spend loads of fucking money”

    well done, Liz, well done. Consecutive interviews, too ? Not even a single break for eating ? Oh, come on…..

    Woeful stuff as always, keep it down 🙂

  3. Nicky

    @ the hucklebuck

    It’s very difficult to respond to your comment without lowering myself to the same base level of insult that you seem to find acceptable.
    So I’m not going to bother being polite, go and get yourself a life rather than trolling. It’s not big and it’s not clever. It just shows a lack of compassion and humanity and depicts you as a sad and bitter nobody who wouldn’t have the guts to say something like that in person so you have to hide behind a computer screen to make your sorry little life feel like it’s worth something. Being rude, derogatory and passive aggressive are not nice qualities. I imagine you will want to retort on my post, go ahead, your bullying doesn’t bother me but I won’t be responding because I’ve taken up enough of my time on you already.

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