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  • Gugs:
    • The next social will be on October 21st and is a pub crawl.  Theme and route to be confirmed soon.
    • Calum is organising Warhammer Fantasy and 40K tournaments at the moment.  If anyone is interested or wants more information and didn’t put their name on the sheet on Tuesday, email Calum at non-rpg@gugs.org.uk
  • Dragon Age: Redemption – Tallis (Episode 1) ft. Felicia Day
  • Purple duck games have released the new Legendary book of the series – eastern and exotic weapons! Here is our review!

Bit of Mike

Neccesary Evil, a campaign pack for Savage Worlds

Bit of Liz

Group sizes and when they are beneficial/detrimental

Group Topic

Points Buy or Random Rolls?


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  1. whodo_voodoo

    Group sizes – Personally my maximum these days is 6 players, regardless of the system being used. Primarily that is to ensure that as the GM I can keep track of everything that is going on, both in and out of combat. With more than 6 players I find I can’t give each player as much attention as I’d like to and player attention suffers.

    Character gen – I’m with Mike when it comes to character generation in that I much prefer points buy. Keeping with the D&D example I have played in games where I’ve started out with fairly average rolls for all attributes. Which would be fine for a character if I hadn’t then seen the player next to me legitimately roll well and get all attributes at 15 or upwards.

    I’m fine with randomness during a skill roll as a bad roll only affects that one single roll, with random attributes rolling badly penalises me for the rest of the game. If I was to do random attributes I’d personally have the GM roll however many dice required then let the players assign them to attributes as desired. That way its random but everybody has the distribution of random.

    Also with Liz’s pathfinder comment of “can’t play a paladin with points buy” I’d say if everybody is wanting a ‘heroic’ or higher powered game the GM should just up the available points. Pre-game discussions FTW.

  2. Mike

    The two failure modes for me with random D&D stats are: two or more low stats – I find it difficult to build workable character like that; and everything just in the middle, nothing standing out. There’s nothing you can really use as a hook, there.

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