Feb 17

Episode 134 – So Close!


Episode 134 with your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week, Mike covers splitting the party to give players some private downtime for their character, Liz talks about Physical props during a roleplaying game and finally we take a trip out to the rural countryside in our idea brewing topic, where we talk about a beautiful mansion, and what goes on there!


We got feedback! We have angered you all…

Geeky Week.


  • Liz went LARPing! She loved it!

  • Liz also have her Mage notes right here!



Mike’s Topic!

Don’t split the party!  Or maybe split the party.  Can you use Fiasco/Dungeon World ideas, even in traditional Role Playing Games, to allow characters to have their own private downtime?

Liz’s Topic!

This week, Liz talks about Physical props in games. Are they a good thing? Bad thing? How far is too far? Should we even bother? Lets talk THINGS!

Group Topic!

Idea brewing season continues! This week? We brew up a gorgeous Manor House out in the beautiful rural countryside! Nothing will ever go wrong there. Nope.



  1. Jesse

    There wasn’t anything I didn’t really like about these topics! Mike, I love your idea of a Fiasco-esque conversation concept so that you can have a moment to concentrate on single characters, yet not completely bore and/or alienate the rest of the table. I’m going to definitely see how this works at my own table, so thanks!

    Liz, while I’m by no means a LARPer, I do really like the idea of having a “memory focus” with you that helps you stay in character and let others at the table know when you’re in character. It makes me want to give each of my characters a single item that they are attached to so that I can fidget with a tiny voodoo doll while at the table. I’m also kind of upset that I didn’t think of this when I was doing job and wanted posters for my Iron Kingdoms game.

    Lastly, I adore the idea of a crowdsourced homebrew setting! I think this could be something that unites all of the NEDers (you can have that one) out there and we can create something really awesome! So, count me in.

  2. Whodo Voodoo

    Props for during a game – While I would never make it a regular or required thing I have once run a session of Serenity where all of the players dressed as their characters and I dressed as the major NPC for that session. Was interesting to see how people saw their own characters compared to what I had imagined and also (imo) helped with people getting into character during the evening.

    The setting idea – Having just read the Naishou Province supplement for L5R I quite like the idea of setting the idea brewing within a larger province. That way you can come up with a wide range of locations at varying resolutions. For example: the major pieces of geography, villages, the major town / city and then fine detail on the important locations within said city.

  3. Christopher

    For future Idea Brewing sessions, I think it would be cool for y’all to do a “stereotypical American” setting. There are plenty of US-made RPGs that try to do a take on European things, so why not the opposite?

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