Feb 05

Episode 131 – Almost… Caught… Up


As you may, or may not be able to guess, things have been slightly busy over here (Liz decided that buying a house would be so easy and was surprised how much time it takes up) – we are trying to catch up on our episodes, apologises for the slow updates!

With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Mike reviews Cubicle 7’s Fourth Doctor sourcebook, Liz gives her Feedback on Legend of Zelda, A Link between two worlds and finally we go on with our  Idea brewing goodness! This week?  Adventure Hooks!

Geeky Week

  • Seventh Sea!  Violence occurs!  My character actually achieves something!

  • I might have bought a new game. I will review it properly in just a few sections!


Mike’s Topic!

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Sourcebook!

Liz’s Topic!

This week Liz is giving a review of Legend of Zelda, A Link Between Two Worlds!

Group Topic!

This week, our idea brewing series continues! We come up with a selection of adventure hooks for you to use in your games!


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