Jan 28

Episode 130 – Almost caught up!


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Liz gives us a review of the rather awesome board game Power Grid, Mike helps us navigate the crazy world of Google Play to find some cool games, and finally we go idea brewing once again to find ourselves idea brewing a kingdom you can use in your games! Enjoy!

Geeky Week

  • Mike: Cards Against Humanity and Ten Commandments



Mike’s Topic!

Quick Android Game Reviews: Hungry Cat Picross, Treasure Maps, CastleMine

Liz’s Topic!

This week Liz is giving a review of Power Grid!


Group Topic!

Back to our usual Idea Brewing session!  This week? We are brewing up a kingdom to include in your fantasy games!


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  1. TaliPhoenix

    Also, on Games-Workshop, cease&desist’ing people linking to your page promoting all the shiny you are making probably hasn’t helped in terms of word-of-mouth recruits, not to mention negative backlash. Yay gateway drugs of gaming.

    Mike, on tower defense games, I think its basically a reverse bounty hunter mechanic. Like you must be a bounty hunter that keeps getting hunted by your bounty… its the only thing that makes sense… or you kill the enemy, and immediately loot the corpse (clearly someone did a lot of dungeon crawls)

    Woo for delayed feedback!!

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