Dec 24

Episode 127 – HOLIDAY SPECIAL!


Nobody has found our secret Easter Egg relating to the last episode! Who will be first…? Meanwhile! With your hosts, Liz and Mike we talk about everything wintry and wonderful in this holiday special! Mike gives us another review of a supplement, this time related to Dark Sun, Liz talks about suitable board games to introduce to her family and finally we come up with some fun game sessions related to the holiday season! Enjoy!


Feedback about 3rd person/1st Person POV! Thanks folks!

Geeky Week


  • Liz has an iPad Air! Woo! Thoughts so far…

  • Feng Shui

  • Boardgames! Lancashire and Sobek

Mike’s Topic!

Dark Sun: Fury of the Wastewalker

Liz’s Topic!

Suitable board games to introduce to family members at Christmas! Liz is visiting family and getting some board games together! Here is her current selection! Feel free to suggest more!

Group Topic!

HOLIDAYS! Well, not quite… with the holiday season coming up, we discuss fun things you can do for your RPG session during this Holiday Season!


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