Nov 06

Episode 121: Undead Is So IN This Winter!


(apologises for the late podcast folks, Liz’s work decided she should be eaten whole.)

With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week we give Liches the Gok Wan makeover (or go idea brewing…), Mike gives us a review of The Book of Fire and Liz does a review of The Adventurer’s handbook! Truly everything is simply marvellous!

Geeky Week!

  • MAGE!

  • Supernatural! Many yes!

  • Monster Of The Week character gen.


Mike’s Topic!

A review of The Book of Fire, an L5R sourcebook.

Liz’s Topic!

This week Liz will be talking about The Adventurers’s Handbook for Pathfinder!

Group Topic!

Idea Brewing time! This week? Monsters! We are taking an individual monster and making them far more interesting! The monster we have chosen this week is…. Liches! Them evil necromantic creatures of eternal unrest need some fabulous added to them, so we try!


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