Oct 14

Episode 117 – A wee bit late


Unfortunately Mike was taken down by the very same cold that I am currently suffering from (I blame MIke for being a filthy carrier at least) so we have a surprising guest host on this week (due to me panicking and not being able to find someone). Enjoy! Episode 118 is coming ANY HOUR NOW while I am still fighting this cold/fever thing….

With your hosts, Liz and Craig!! No Mike this week due to stupid things, come back soon Mike! All is forgiven! This week, Liz’s topic is all about writing things down and our group topic is a travelling circus! What wonders is mysterious things hide amongst the tent walls?


Geeky Week!

  • Liz has spent quite a fair bit of time playing magic recently…


Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is talking about Writing it down! Why even improv GMs need to learn better writing habits and why notes are so, so important.

Group Topic!

Our Idea brewing saga continues! This week – a travelling circus, that brings plot hooks wherever it goes…


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  1. Skredli the Ogre

    On the topic of improv vs. writing lots of notes, I personally don’t write a lot of notes about NPCs or buildings unless they are or become part of the plot. When planning an adventure, I always know where the PCs are starting and where I want them to end up. After that, there are usually two or three encounters that HAVE to happen and maybe a couple of more that I WANT to happen, but don’t HAVE to. For these, I always have the appropriate stats available. Beyond that, I don’t do a whole lot of note writing or planning, because I always remember: no adventure plan survives contact with the PCs.

    As far as the traveling circus goes, I always thought it would be fun to have the usual disappearance, whether children or adults, and have it blamed on the circus, but in actuality, there is a person, creature, or spirit who was wronged by the circus somehow, but is too weak to confront the ringmaster and his cronies head on. Instead, this individual is trying to bring shame and disgrace to the circus to get it shut down. WHY was this individual wronged? Good question…

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