Sep 25

Episode 115 – Live from location!


This week, we are LIVE from the opening of the new Scottish gaming store in Knightly Gaming! This week we have no Geeky week and a little bit of news, MIke gives us a review of Annalise, Liz brings us two interviews, one from Brett Knight the Owner of Knightly gaming and Jason who is a Flames of war Ranger who is helping out for the day! FInally, our idea brewing continues with a “haunted” castle!


Please note : due to sleep deprivation and equipment used, the sound quality is not the same as you will be used to. Apologises for this, I really did try during post production!

Mike’s Topic

A review of Annalise, a game for making Gothic horror stories.


Liz’s Topic

Interview with Brett Knight –  owner of Knightly gaming

Interview with Jason – Flames of War Ranger (Starts at 23 minutes 57 Seconds approximately)

Group Topic

Our idea brewing second continues! This week? A “haunted” castle! What secrets lurk in this ruin castle and what is causing the “haunting”?

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