Sep 08

Episode 113 – Mid West Nightmare


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week we have an interview with Christopher Ruthenbeck about his Fate Core Character Journal which is on kickstarter RIGHT NOW, and then we take up the rest of this week’s episode coming up with a truly awful wild west town. Those people are horrible. Also our usual MAGE update and Mike gets a chance to play Iron Kingdoms!


Geeky Week!


  • Iron Kingdoms




Interview Time!

This week Liz and Mike has an interview with Christopher Ruthenbeck about his kickstarter Fate Core Character Journal

http://www.efpress.net <- go look at his blog!

For more information about Fate Core you can also go here

Group Topic

Idea brewing! Suggestion: An Old West town, with at least one Dark Secret. We go berserk on planning out basically a scenario for a old west town… where deep dark secrets finally catch up to them!


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  1. Christopher Ruthenbeck (EldritchFire)

    Woohoo! Listen to me, I’m now internet famous! And so is my surname :p

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