Aug 11

Episode 109


With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week we talk about using third-party sourcebooks, how RPGs can end up like a Freemium and finally we talk about GUNS and stuff as our idea brewing for the week!


Starting the feedback again! This week we have some from Rebecca! Thank you to everyone who has been sending in feedback, please keep sending it in!

Geeky Week!

  • Pathfinder characters have been made!

  • Our Last Best Hope.  May contain my favourite four words in any roleplaying game ever.

  • Mike has cured his Dawn of Dragons addiction!  Largely by gaining a Saints Row 2 addiction…

  • The Mountain Witch, sadly plagued by connection fails.


Liz’s Topic

Third-party sourcebooks and the advantages and disadvantages for allowing them in your game.

Mike’s Topic

In-game bonuses for out-of-game stuff.  Tabletop RPGs as Freemium?  Or just getting the players involved?  Shout out to Lanarkshire Gamers for giving me the idea.

Group Topic

Idea brewing time again! This week? Advanced weaponry! Sometimes you want to throw in some crazy different guns that don’t exist and we decided to have a bash at coming up with some ideas.


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  1. Jesse

    When it comes to third party resources, I go on a case-by-case basis. I’ve had really good luck with companies like Purple Duck, Dreamscarred, and Rites; however, some publishers like Tripod and 4 Winds are really hit or miss. Often times, if I have a player that brings a 3rd party feat, class, race or the like to me then I’ll take the time to review it, ask the player some questions, review a little more, then ultimately say no because it’s way too unbalanced.

    In terms of sources for third party material, my group mostly uses the d20PFSRD site for all of the information (unless one of us happens to pick up a book which is not yet available on the site, like the Secrets of Adventuring from Rites that I recently acquired). So, overall, we’re pretty open to splat and outside materials to expand our experiences.

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