Jul 28

Episode 107 – Birthday Episode!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Liz talks about why PCs must have the best lawyers, Mike talks about murderhobos, and finally we brew some ideas about how to create up some conflict in your game! It is a rather violent week here in our little podcast…


Geeky Week!

  • Liz went to LARP!

  • Ticket to Ride and Catan 🙂

  • Mountain Witch Session 1



Liz’s Topic

PCs and Law and Order – how do you handle your PCs and the general laws of the land?

Mike’s Topic

Do PCs always have to be murderhobos? Based on an article by our friend Paco over at GMS Magazine.

Group Topic

Idea brewing time again! This week? A little bit more abstract as we discuss ideas for conflict.


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