Jul 14

Episode 105 – Skipped a bit!


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week, Liz talks to us about Cube World, Mike gives us a full run down of Nobilis and Finally thanks to Reddit, we do a bit of ulterior motives for NPCS! Enjoy!


Geeky Week!

  • Liz is also starting a Pathfinder Game! Wooo!

  • “Parallel Lives” – Mortals and Vampire

  • The Final Girl – in the park!

  • Dawn of Worlds


Mike’s Topic

Mike reviews Nobilis: The Essentials, Volume 1, a game of Angels, Demons, Mortals… and you.

Liz’s Topic

This Week Liz talks about Cube World! A new game released by Picorama that may remind of another block based low graphics game….

Group Topic

Idea brewing continues! This week we are NPCs with ulterior motives? I rather fancy that 🙂


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