Jun 23

Episode 102: Morbid Curiosity


With your hosts, Liz and Mike! This week Liz talks about House rules, Mike talks about Minecraft some more, and finally our idea brewing for this week is about a High-magic society, and what it could be like… then we get all a bit morbid about the end of it…

Geeky Week!

  • Liz’s Mage game continues! Then goes on hiatus for two weeks (baaaaahhh)

  • Tuesday GUGS one-off!


Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is going to talk about system rules – and why a system shouldn’t be given up because of a simple rule you don’t like! (aka House rules save everything)

Mike’s Topic

Extended Geeky Week blathering about Minecraft, in anticipation of the upcoming 1.6 release.

Group Topic

Idea brewing continues!  This week? A very high-magic society, with funky things that are done via magic (e.g. communications, transport, etc., etc.).  Could be used as is or as ruins for the players to pick through.


1 comment

  1. Will Myers

    Hey, guys! Love the episode, especially the high-magic society.

    Two thoughts on that:
    1) The adults hid the children in one of your windowless buildings and told them not to come out until the sounds of the coming battle were over. So, the children have only recently emerged. They know that things do work, but not *how* they work.

    2) The adults have “ascended” and left the children all alone. The oldest children (teenagers) have put themselves in charge, since they’re the oldest. They have no idea how anything (including the magic) works, but they’re using their authority (and magical abilities) to try to push people around.

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