Jun 18

Episode 101: We are EVIL! (and late!)

Apologises for such a late episode! Suffice to say if you have been watching Twitter or our Facebook feeds you will know that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong! Hopefully we are now back to our regular programming!

With your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Liz talks to us about Animal Crossing and what she thinks of it so far, Mike gives us some delicious info about Grim Prairie Tales and finally we continue our idea brewing my making an urban fantasy Antagonist organisation!

Geeky Week!

  • Liz’s Mage game continues!

  • L5R Finale

  • Hell 4 Leather at Saturday GUGS!


Liz’s Topic

This week Liz is going to talk about Animal Crossing: New Leaf! After the game was released only last week, she gives her opinions on what she thinks of the game so far.

Mike’s Topic

Review of Grim Prairie Tales, a monster and adventure supplement for Deadlands: Reloaded.

Group Topic

Idea brewing continues! This week? An Urban Fantasy (Dresden Files / World of Darkness-y) antagonist organisation! Who is the bad guys in the semi-present times and how can they be useful in furthering plot?


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  1. Ali

    I loved the idea session as always. I’m about to start a changeling campaign and the idea of an antagonist mob boss who used to sell guns and new I.D.s to the PCs, came from this. Thanks for the help!

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