Sep 18

Episode 10: D10 Damage!




Feedback! Thanks to our listeners who sent in a load of feedback! Hear what we have to say to your comments!

Geeky Week

Finished AVP2!


Edboardgaming is the 27th people! see you there?

Hidden Frontier releases last filmed Star Trek episode.  They’ve been doing Star Trek Fan Episodes for over ten years, starting in 2000.  The original series, Hidden Frontier, went from 2000 to 2007, and then spawned two spin-off series, Odyssey and The Helena Chronicles, running from 2007 until now.  They are releasing a final, feature-length finale to both those series.

On Saturday September 17th, just shy of Star Trek’s 45th anniversary, Hidden Frontier will release its final filmed Star Trek episode on the Hidden Frontier website forums.


Want to mention the Wayne Foundation Charity Pack (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?it=1&products_id=94966)

Minecraft 1.8 is out – the Adventure Update!

Liz’s Bit

How can you, a player, make your game better? Here is some of our suggestions! What do you think?

Mike’s Bit

Science Fiction versus Fantasy games – is there one better than the other? Which do you prefer? What makes the two massively different (apart from genres…erm.)?

Joint Topic

Running a long term game – benefits? Drawbacks? What do you prefer doing? What do you do at the moment?

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