Jan 11

Dungeons and… More Dungeons « Owen K.C. Stephens

On the back of the new DnD that is coming out (which has been lovingly coined “DNDNext”, Owen K.C. Stephens starts thinking about Dungeons and has some rather lovely insight into them:

 I think dungeons have gotten a bad rap because so many are run as nothing more than endless mazes of unconnected threats. There can be more to dungeons, and they can make for great gaming, full of as much (or as little) complex roleplaying, puzzle-solving, and exploration as a group wants, in addition to an opportunity to kill an orc and take his pie.

Dungeons can be amazing adventures if done properly, I think. Certainly there is a rather large glut of adventures that have dungeons because “it is the done thing” and never put too much thought behind them.  As we have mentioned in the past as well, they can be absolutely brilliant training grounds for a beginner GM.

He has started to do a series for the rest of the week talking about dungeons done differently, and how well they can work as well – in this post he talks about cities being used as dungeons and I think it is a rather good read! Go check it out!

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