Sep 10

Don’t Split the Party: Good Isn’t Stupid, or weak, or nice.

There’s a really interesting article from Rick Stump’s blog Don’t Split the Party about Good and Evil: Good isn’t Stupid, or weak, or nice.

Rick talks about a common perception that Good characters – especially Lawful Good characters – especially Paladin characters – are, well, stupid, weak, and nice.

There’s also a swipe at the common “Chaotic Neutral is actually Chaotic Evil” that comes up so often.

But if you actually go into the original sources, you’ll find it’s not like that.

The Twelve Peers, John Carter, Allan Quatermaine all shared a few traits – they were brave, they were honest, the protected the weak, and they were decisive. They also laughed, had close friends, drank, and fought. But they also were champions of the weak, loyal friends, fierce enemies, and able to judge others by their words and deeds rather than being bigoted (John Carter not only has friends of all of the races of Mars he forges close ties between them for the first time in millenia; Allan Quatermaine admires and supports Umbopa/Ignosi long before he learns he is a king; if a man is a good fighter and a Catholic his past is his past to the paladins.


   Medieval books of magic warned would-be summoners to never attract the notice of an angel and certainly never to summon one, because angels would destroy them for attempting to make pacts with evil and their power was so vast no warding circle could stop them.

Doesn’t sound all that stupid weak or nice to me.

The article has some good advice about how having good Good characters can make your game world more convincing, a discussion on how some Arthurian figures weren’t examples to be followed, but warnings to others, and why Paladins can be awesome.

Go check it out!

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