Nov 07

D&D Next google+ hangout!

So you have been testing D&D Next with all your heart and have loads of opinions on it. Awesome!

Of course you have questions. Questions you would love to ask, say,┬áMike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford from R&D for D&D Next directly. If only there was some way you could do that…

Good news! They are running a D&D Next Google+ Hangout this coming weekend!

This Friday, November 9th at 11:30am PT, we’re pleased to offer an online discussion with R&D’s Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford over Google+ Hangout On Air. Now that the latest playtest packet has gone live, Mike and Jeremy will be covering all things D&D Next.

If you want to have your questions asked by the moderator then you need to comment on their article from D&D Insider and selected questions will be answered by these two lovely folks! Woohoo!

Talk to us!

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