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Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein Resistance Review

It seems Dr Frankenstein was right all this time. Suddenly your only future is to eventually be used as spare parts and otherwise live a meaningless, hopeless existence until that future comes about. Each night before you sleep you remember those you knew who have eventually disappeared to become part of someone else. No chance of advancement, progress or self-fufillment for you now.

Yeah. I would grab my pitchfork too!

Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein Resistance is the expansion to Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein (which if you haven’t looked through yet – we talked to its creators!) and is now looking at this bleak world through the cattle’s eyes!

A very quick recap into Legacy of Frankenstein if you aren’t familiar – a alternative future Europe where Doctor Frankenstein does manage to combine body parts to create life and The Creature is born. The Creature despises his owner and Frankenstein with his new powers becomes immortal. So Frankenstein with his new-found powers decides to take over Romania and call it Promethia – his new kingdom that he now rules with an iron fist and nobody is really allowed in, or out.

Then you throw in the harvest. Aristocracy and high ranking officials/scientists and the likes to rob dead and living bodies of organs as they need. With these new powers they keep their youth and are enhanced physically as well. Now Surgeons aren’t just known for their nose jobs, but are like fashion moguls of today. Getting a gucci has a whole new meaning in Promethea.

This book is all about the resistance. The people who don’t want to be used to make the new gucci. The people who want to better themselves even though they weren’t born to a upper-class family. This is playing the game from the other side of the fence, and working against this dystopia hell.

The first part of the book really gives you a feel for the resistance. From organisation to relationships with the locals. What to expect from certain people if they ever found out you were a member of resistance and what it is like to be a resistance member in Promethia. To say the Resistance is the underdog wouldn’t be a lie by any stretch. From the situation with the strict weapon control to the surprising relationship with the black market. It explains the tactics that the resistance use to avoid hurting innocents and how recruiting is an art of observation rather than every son and daughter joins. You get a real sense of what these people are like and how difficult it is to be a member.

Then you get the Promethean authorities.  Like in the first book – all of Frankenstein’s intentions were good, of course. It was everything around him that resulted in the country going to hell in a hand basket. This chapter is noticeably shorter but no less useful than the resistance chapter. There is plenty of material here to give your antagonists plenty of delicious flavours. It explains the structure of the military and the motivations behind the military, after all, why are they following Frankenstein? What happens if you get captured? All explained in glorious detail to help the GM run them as you would expect in this world.

The next chapters covers more about the resistance and some other factions in this world. Like The Will of Frankenstein – a bunch of crazy zealots who do whatever Frankenstein’s says and follows his commands to the letter. Usually with plenty of violence to back them up. There is another section that talks about the pamphlets released talking about the morality of Frankenstein’s ways and another chapter goes on to talk about the military bases. These two chapters just feed plenty of rich environment details and delicious information to help you run a world that is glorious.

Of course, like in the first book there is plenty of fiction as well. Three short stories that help give a feeling of what the world is like is once again a massive boon for anyone trying to get their head into the mind of the resistance, or for any GM trying to get into the mind of the military. I love each of the stories and so refreshing to see more information and more literature about this world that I have become fascinated in. Sure, you don’t need this to create a successful rules system or supplement, but it adds just so much more. I would love to see more rule sets and add on supplements contain these wonderfully written and well presented stories. I could probably write a review about them alone!

Of course, now we are getting down into the cogs and oil where the next part goes into the new rules and mechanics. The most interesting part is how the entire currency system has been completely torn apart and put together again – listing everything now in Pomethean Leis. A good chance, to help keep the flavour rolling out and also to help you gauge how much something is worth. The chapter all gives the rules a good fix up and gives you more options for working with your whole new list of guns and weaponry you have now too! From rifles, machineguns, handguns, accessories go with your new list of guns and of course how to conceal your weapons and how much they cost as well – you won’t be short of options! There is also plenty of clarifications and rule additions to help clear up some details in the old rules, or help improve some of the previous rules as well. It is always nice to see some of this errata provided in a supplement to make it much easier to find. It would be simple to just say “We are playing Dark Harvest with errata from Resistance” rather than work out which date based errata you are using!

Of course, we can’t stop there. You have fifteen pre-made NPCs to keep you going, an introduction adventure, Appendices for references for you to go do some more research (with weblinks too!) and an index that actually looks amazingly useful as well you aren’t short on amazing features.

I, of course, need to find something wrong with this book. You could argue that the adventure path doesn’t really lead into you running a campaign due to it’s restrictive nature on your players being from a circus, but I don’t think every single example adventure should do.  there is some interesting typos (like on the contents page there is a floating “coming soon” word – which once you read through realises it is advertising Frankenstein’s Bodies – the new card game coming out or Fires of Promethea which is the new game they have coming out soon as well. I could even argue that do you really need that much fiction for a supplement to make it worthwhile?

The simple matter is that anything I do find “wrong”, isn’t at all detracting from the story. I haven’t found one single thing I don’t actually like about the rules or the equipment. I love the comics, the stories and the artwork and maps that are throughout this wonderful supplement. I love the fact that there is over 160 pages of stuff I actually want to look at! I love this supplement and get a real feeling of quality from it.

I heartily suggest you go get your hands on it right now. You can go grab it at Cubicle 7! From us it is getting a 5/5 though, it really is that good. We also have an interview with the guys from the Dark Harvest + Frankenstein’s bodies team – I suggest you go have a nosy at that too!


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