May 23

Critical Hits: Playtest “D&D Next” Like A Pro

With the Great D&D Next Playtest looming, David Chalker Over at Critical Hits gives us the benefit of his experience, so we can all give the best playtest feedback we can.

With the open playtest of the new iteration of D&D coming tomorrow, I wanted to offer some of my advice on playtesting and giving feedback. Wizards of the Coast will provide plenty of instructions on what they do and don’t want to see, so obviously that could easily supersede anything I say here. These are some general guidelines to keep in mind for D&D, so hopefully you find these tidbits helpful while playing the game and collecting your feedback.

I think these are good suggestions, especially for people who haven’t participated in a playtest before.  It’s much more than playing a game and saying what you did and didn’t like.  If you’re going to help D&D Next, you’re going to want to give the best feedback you can.

So head over to Critical Hits and read the entire post!


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