Feb 22

Contributors Wanted!

Got a burning desire to write something, but nowhere to submit it to? Think you would be a great reviewer but no methods/means to do so?


We need folks to help us keep this blog blogging! Whether you want to review games, write articles or even just shout about awesome events you know are coming. It can be about roleplaying, video games, card games, board games or Wargames… all is fine by us! Whether you want to contribute regularly or just want to throw up an article once and a while, that is fine as well! We would absolutely love it if you could regularly contribute but we know how real life works.

We have a rather large list of products to review, so if you want something to review we can help with that, but if you have a specific product in mind to review, that is great as well!

Sadly, we can’t offer financial compensation for your work, but we can give you a platform for your work to be seen and help you get your work seen. Think of it as the first stepping stone to fame and glory and we will help you in any way we can.

Just chuck us an email at podcast@nearlyenoughdice.com with your article idea/pitch and start contributing today!

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  1. Bill

    Might be worth looking at RSS imports (e.g. using a plugin like WP-RSSImport) from existing Blogs?

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