Mar 17

Conpulsion is soon! Look at all the great news!

I hope you have all bought your tickets for Conpulsion people! With only 3 weeks remaining until the event and only until the End of March for you to be able to pre-register for your tickets – you better get on it!


With a Massive line-up being announced next week we can point you to the Conpulsion website for all the latest news but so far:

And so, so, SO much more! I heartily recommend you get on their website look at the huge amount available on their website already – and keep your eyes peeled for more information coming from this fantastic Con very very soon!


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  1. Phil Harris

    I could talk about the Ragamuffle on Sunday evening but that would give things away.

    Thanks for the post and I’d advise you all to get looking at the site and get those tickets in. We’d love to see you.

    Any questions about the event to conpulsion@gmail.com and direct them to me.



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