Apr 03

Conpulsion 2013 Exclusive! New guests! The Creators of Engrenages!

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Here at Nearly Enough Dice we have an exclusive release for you fine folks! The Creators of Engrenages shall be guests at Conpulsion this year!


Of course, you may be wondering, what on earth is Engrenages? Well we have a wonderful piece of blurb from the creators themselves!

“Engrenages” is a student’s project initiated in 2013 by Sophie Briand, Julien Vasnier and Adrien Berthelot. The authors are all members of the Kedge Business School (formerly know as Euromed Management).
The project consists in the creation of a role play game called “Engrenages”, taking place in a steampunk universe.
The players are set in the megalopolis Havengrinn, in an alternativ America tainted with magic. Humans of the Old Continent have built a gigantic city on the East coast of the new world. Havengrinn is a city of high towers, circled by vast zeppelins, filled with huge steam-powered factories and deep, mysterious undergrounds. Here, every man fights for more influence. Havengrinn is nothing less than the chess board of a great political game between men of this new world.
The players shall be workers, mercenaries or simple witnesses weaved in a vaster pattern. Although life is rational, at night the occult is set free. In the dephts of wells, catacombs and mines, horror and madness roam. One musn’t forget that
only the East coast belongs to the human realm, whereas the rest of America is occupied by the natives, a civilization of saurian humanoids named the Secades, that only tolerate men as long as they stay behind their battlements.
A cross of pulp and gothic fiction, “Engrenages” plunges its’ players in steampunk tales placed on the dangerous edge between reality and imagination, sanity and madness. Thanks to an innovating two-dice system, the players will have to make delicate choices between the lure of power and their control over their actions. They shall also have to be careful about the limits of their minds and bodies if they don’t want to vanish for good.

We will of course, be pinning these guys in a corner and getting you guys an interview at the event for you to find out more information! So stay tuned here for more information!


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