Apr 11

Conpulsion 2012 – Dark Harvest + Frankenstein’s Bodies!

While we were at Conpulsion 2012 – we got chatting to the lovely people behind the Griffie Winning Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein and Dark Harvest: Frankenstein’s Bodies, which is based on the RPG, as well as loads of other announcements…

These guys are fabulous – firstly there is Dark Harvest where everything came from. Best described by themselves really!

As described on their website about the RPG Dark Harvest, if you haven’t heard about it yet: “Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein is a detailed, fascinating roleplaying game setting, a terrifyingly plausible alternative history and a fiction anthology; a gothic horror fantasy that will appeal to gamers and the general public alike.”

Imagine a alternative Europe where Romania has done far better than it has ever done – imagine that Victor Frankenstein is now in charge – Romania has grown and Victor decides to rename the country Promethea. Now move on to the Dark Harvest (which you need to read the book to get a better feel for, we aren’t going to spoil it all) and you have a most wonderful, gritty setting.  Go Buy it! Now!

Now you have this wonderful setting, imagine our Excitement as all the announcements for it! Firstly there was Frankenstein’s Bodies which we got to playtest! Again, we don’t want to give too much away about this – but we have knowledge that,  the wonders of publishing allowing, there will certainly be more information coming out about this soon with a HOPEFUL release date in December! (I did ask if I can quote this, I was given a look of fear). We do have a bit of video from the Playtest that we are hoping to get up – but sadly the sound has let us down (again!) so we will see what we can do with it. Suffice to say it gets a massive two thumbs up from Mike and I.

Now you have had a chance to read all of Dark Harvest – The Legacy of Frankenstein. Now they have announced that in the near future they have yet more materials coming out to support it! This is called “Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein – Resistance”. You get a sneak preview of the cover over here! Maps! So many delicious maps! I suggest you keep an eye on their facebook page for more information..

Finally – you may discover they have not only a new expansion, a new card game coming out but now they can also reveal they have a new video game! Fires of Promethea is a video game project being developed by Iain Lowson, and Spilt Milk Studios. More details will be forthcoming in the near future, and a trailer video will be part of that. Once we can tell you more – we will tell you more!

The audio you hear in place of the video (which we will shout about the minute we get it) well the music is by Gavin Harrison, the voice over artist is the very wonderful Tom Dussek!

For now – after trying to squeeze all this great information about this Griffie-winning RPG, the fantastic Card Game coming out for it Sooooon AND the Video Game we will leave you with their interview of these rather clever people and I suggest you get out there and buy yourself a copy of this wonderful RPG ASAP!

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