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Mar 11

The Carcass: Exodus Kickstarter now live!

For those gaming fans who may remember the original Carcass game, Jim Pinto of Post World games has created a Kickstarter for the new edition called Carcass: Exodus. To steal a small bit or blurb: The Carcass is a roleplaying story game where players take on the roles of the last members of a dying …

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Feb 18

G*M*S Magazine Podcast: Is Cognitive bias destroying geekdom?

Liz joins Jim Pinto and Paco Garcia Jaen on the G*M*S Magazine Podcast to talk about how cognitive biases may be causing the death of fandom as we know it Head over and have a listen! Jim Pinto: and Twitter @postwordgames Paco: Twitter and Facebook


Minecraft: Approaching the last big room

Minecraft: Approaching the last big room

There’s one last large, open room to dry out in this Ocean Temple, and one big-ish corridor between it and me.

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Jul 08

So, what is happening here?

Hey folks, Liz here. So, what has been going on with the podcast?Are we coming back? What about RPG posts? What about cool informational articles? Well, I am here to explain everything. First of all, it is my fault. Mike has been trooping away getting videos up so we have content, but the long and …

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Apr 05

Athena I: Launch!

It’s time to pull the trigger, as it were, and send Athena I off to the Mun! It’s a bit of a fraught time, as I have not tested this process in the slightest, and all the various boosters are held on with docking ports! Wish me luck! Find the full playlist here!

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