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Who knows?!

May 10

Kerbal Space Program: Mun missions!

After deciding there’s no way I can do a contract involving getting science from specific places on the Mun, I change my mind completely… Find the full playlist here!

May 03


Orbit! At long last! Some of the difficulties have been caused by atmosphere modifications in 1.01 and 1.02, and not just the switch to 1.0 in general. But I make it!!! Uh, spoilers, I suppose. Find the full playlist here!

Mar 20

Bonus clip! The Claw rips through reality itself!

So, I’m experimenting with science rovers and bases and want to see what I can use to attach a rover to a science base and… well… this happens. Find the full playlist here!

Mar 08

More entirely Kerbal sensible science, and a rocket test!

A follow-up to my previous Science episode, wherein I demonstrate the capabilities of my Jet-Powered Science Cart. I also quickly re-do the test of the LFB KR-1×2, once I realise just how much money it gets me! Find the full playlist here!

Mar 03

Terraria Episode 047

I was very organised today, and definitely didn’t spend my entire session faffing about with inventory and fighting the Twins and stuff. I did actually manage to do the thing I set out to do – search the underground Jungle for Moonglow. Find the playlist here!

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