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Aug 06

MAPS! 20,000+ of them!

RPGs are no strangers to the use of maps, many systems utilise them during combat while adventures often employ them to provide players with a feel for the regions they’re exploring and acting in. One of the downsides of maps is the amount of time that can be required for their construction, especially if you …

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Jun 12

DrivethruRPG 10th Anniversary bundle!

  Well we don’t normally make a post about these seperately, but this one is a true corker! DriveThruRPG is now 10 years old! Huzzah! A wonderful place to grab yourself PDFs of your favourite systems without breaking the bank, and usually have plenty of superb offers happening all the time. Now, to celebrate their …

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Jun 06

UK Games Expo 2014 – A second Timer’s Review!

As some of you may remember, I¬†went along to the UK Games Expo last year and posted my thoughts being the first time there. I returned again this year, and figured now after having a bit of time to recuperate would be a good time to put what I thought of the entire thing, knowing …

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Apr 26

Frankenstein’s Bodies Kickstarter is now LIVE!

It is here! The kickstarter is live! Like what you have seen and read so far? You can go back it RIGHT NOW over here! Some absolutely fantastic backer levels you can get yourself into, and you can get on filthy hands on top of this fabulous game as quick as you can! You might …

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Apr 02

The End of the Podcast….?


NO! Honest! At this moment in time, Liz is STILL WAITING for her lovely internet providers to setup her home. As you can imagine, this is driving her slightly mad. As soon as we have internet back up and running, the podcasts will be flooding back in! Hopefully before Conpulsion! In the mean time, thanks …

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