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Jul 08

So, what is happening here?

Hey folks, Liz here. So, what has been going on with the podcast?Are we coming back? What about RPG posts? What about cool informational articles? Well, I am here to explain everything. First of all, it is my fault. Mike has been trooping away getting videos up so we have content, but the long and …

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Sep 11

King Down Kickstarter Looks Awesome!

  So we normally try to avoid posting about Kickstarters on here, as I imagine there are 8092 posts these days about Kickstarter projects. However this one seems really rather too cool to pass on by.  

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Sep 03

FLGS Inclusiveness – Why It Is Important

Gaming is about bringing us all together. Not about tearing us all apart. We gather together to pit our massive armies against each other’s armies, or we rally ourselves at CDC in Atlanta to figure out how on earth to deal with four epidemics, or simply to sit, chat and socialise over our excitement about …

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Sep 01

2014 RPG Podcasters Peer Award Winners

In addition to the larger Diana Jones and ENnies award ceremonies this weekend (16th/17th August) saw the announcement of the 2014 RPG Podcasters Peer Awards, which was voted upon by the hosts and producers of the shows that make up the community. The awards announcement is quoted below: Announcing the 2014 RPG Podcasters Peer Awards …

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Aug 11

Support Little Red Goblin Games!

You may have heard of Little Red Goblin Games from the reviews we have done on here! Now you have a wonderful opportunity to support them through Patreon!

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