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Jul 01

Review: Glen More

There are few countries in the world like Scotland.  It’s said the Scots measure annual rainfall in pints; deep fried food and bagpipers can be found on every street corner; and ye cannae ken a wud whit they say. But there’s another image of Scotland: of deep lochs and great glens; castles on every hill; …

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Jun 24

Review: Love Letter

There’s a train of thought that has 2013 becoming the year of the ‘microgame’.  What’s a microgame you ask?  Simply put, it’s a term that’s starting to gain traction and credence on boardgame podcasts and forums: it marks a game as being (in a number of ways) very minimalist, but quite deep.  To put it …

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Jun 19

Review: Nightfall

Before we start this review, firstly the copy we have was supplied to us discounted thanks to Grim Tree Games. You should go have a look at their website for awesome deals on board games!     I have personally been eyeing up Nightfall for a few weeks. It is one of those games that …

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May 29

Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game

I have been quite lucky recently and received a copy of the Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game (or LOTR DBG for the sake of my fingers). Being as short as I am and the potential chance to play a character appropriate to my height, I wrangled in my husband to give this game a bash!

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May 28

UK Games Expo: First Timer’s Review!

I have never been to the UK Games Expo, to my shame. Mainly it was distance and mainly it was clashing with other events I attend around this time of year. However this year, after some crazy agreement from myself to help out the UK Gaming Media Network with some interviews and demonstrations, I decided …

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