Mar 11

The Carcass: Exodus Kickstarter now live!

For those gaming fans who may remember the original Carcass game, Jim Pinto of Post World games has created a Kickstarter for the new edition called Carcass: Exodus. To steal a small bit or blurb:

The Carcass is a roleplaying story game where players take on the roles of the last members of a dying post-apocalyptic tribe. The tribal leader is dead, the community in tatters, and the future a mystery. What will become of you in this barren wasteland? Who will emerge as both savior and tyrant?


This is not post-apocalyptic with Zombies, and that has been thrilled on so many levels. It is whatever you want it to be as at the beginning you get to decide how you ended up in this situation in the first place by designing your world as a group. Then you have the players vying for being the leader, as well as trying to keep your tribe stabilised and functioning in this world where hope may have died long ago. Throw on top of that the idea that you need to keep yourself alive in amongst all of this, I feel the warning on the kickstarter is apt: Characters will die.

It looks like a great game, and the artwork has me simply astounded. I mean, look at it!


It is Stunning



Hopefully in the not too distant future we can give you a quick review with a sneak preview of the system, but the premise so far has me tempted! The Kickstarter is over here, with backer levels ranging from $10 upwards to get the PDF.

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