May 24

Bundle in a box Launches

Bundle in a box has just launched today and have a rather interesting set of games available in the pack they call “Adventure bundle in a box”!

The very first Bundle In A Box, the Adventure Bundle, has been launched and we are debuting a fantastic new game: The Sea Will Claim Everything by Jonas Kyratzes. It is the biggest game ever to take place in the Lands of Dream and features over 100 locations, a multitude of strange characters, dozens of puzzles, a brilliant soundtrack and some of the best in-game writing we’ve ever seen. The game is available, exclusively via Bundle In A Box, as a DRM-free download for your Windows PC.

Currently the minimum price is sitting around $2.89 and the price will become lower after a certain number of sales has been reached. Interesting tactic… Further – if you pay above the average (currently $5.77) you get more sweet loot!

If you pay more than the average, you’ll receive the freshly released zombie-infested gem Metal Dead and Wadjet Eye Games’ first release: The Shivah.

All games come with a Steam and Desura code for them and by taking part in the Bundle in a Box you also get the warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping he Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family and supporting indie game developers via the Indie Dev Grant. So what are you waiting for? Bundle on!


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