Feb 11

Budding Artist? Then Enter Tweet RPG’s Competition!

TweetRPGlogo_BlueWe just got a lovely little note from the folks behind Tweet RPG telling us all about their competition they have running at the moment!

A new Tweet RPG adventure is on the way, and will be revisiting the epic space opera action of Starfall, where giant mechs do battle and the galactic HappyFortune CorpGov exerts its autocratic power –  Starfall: Rebirth on Monday the 25th of February!

I need a logo for this new adventure, so I’m teaming up with Grim Tree Games to offer a prize to the artist/illustrator/designer who creates the Starfall: Rebirth logo!

Entrants can submit a logo design for the Starfall: Rebirth adventure – have a read of the Starfall epilogue and some what comes to mind. Think mechs, aliens, science fiction, space, etc, and make sure you to put your own touch on the subject matter. The winner, chosen by the Tweet RPG players, will have their logo featured on all the Starfall: Rebirth pages on the Tweet RPG website, and will receive a £20 voucher for the Grim Tree Games store! If you haven’t heard of them, here’s some info:

Grim Tree Games is an online retailer of Roleplaying games and Board games. As well as selling the games they have an obsession about, they have a blog and YouTube channel which they use to produce game overview videos and articles. Their aim is to promote the hobby, not just the games, so can be found at clubs and events taking games to the masses.

Head over to the Tweet RPG website to find out the full details of the competition. Look out for more info on Starfall: Rebirth in the coming days, and get ready to start the adventure on Monday the 25th of February!

Sounds like an easy way to get your artwork seen by HUNDREDS of folks, and get some sweet gaming tokens on top of it! I heartily recommend you have a look into this and get yourself drawing/painting/designing/graphic tableting for this!

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